Nico Bastone

Artist's name: Nico Bastone

Sicilian photographer, born 1953.

"It all began in 1967, in the boarding school in which I lived; when I was 14 I attended a course of photography held by a photo amateur friar, Giuseppe. I'll never forget the first feelings I felt in the darkroom when I saw my first photo slowly appearing from the development, almost magically. I couldn't have a camera, so ten of my schoolmates and I used the same one, a Soviet camera, Smena8. I was 19 when I bought my first reflex, the Yashica FR, an excellent manual camera, which is still working; then I bought my first enlarger, the UPA 5, a Soviet 8x automatic enlarger.
Now my equipment is more prestigious (Contax, Leica with original lens) but, I think, when you're charmed by photography, you can express yourself by the meaning of each kind of camera: it's pleasant to look at it and to observe all those view-finder frames, with your forefinger ready to release, so immortalizing the scene.
I've always loved this art. Above all I love B&W photos; I've always been charmed by portraits and I consider Henri Cartier-Bresson as being my teacher, even if I don't share full-format printings and the only use of 50 mm lens.
I'm charmed by landscapes. I like strong colours and the sharpness of details. I think composition of images is very important, if possible; I can obtain it only using my tripod and, generally, in my darkroom, when printing my photos

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