Raul Acevedo

Artist's name: Carlos Pinto Coelho

Portuguese photographer (born 1944)

"I'm a TV journalist and host of daily cultural newscast broadcasted since
1994 on Portugal's RTP Channel 2. Two books with my photographs published
and a third to print before December. More than 40 individual exhibitions
in Portugal, Spain, Finland and Mozambique.
As a comitted admirer of Cartier Bresson, Doisneau, Avedon and the
portuguese Jose Manuel Rodrigues, my creativity tends to follow opposite
paths : realism in photojournalism and abstration in graphisms and
compositions, sometimes using a female nude body as a discreet,
non-disturbing presence."

Carlos Pinto Coelho

This extraordinary artist can be found on the below address:

Carlos Pinto Coelho's homepage

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