Mike Sibthorp

Artist's name: Mike Sibthorp

British photographer.

"The human form has always been a source of inspiration for artists. The nude generates an infinite range of emotional, erotic and creative responses informed by the experiences of the artist, the model and the viewer and the context in which the viewing takes place. As in my landscapes, the nude is a source of material and offers the same building blocks of form, texture and tone, but has the advantage of a studio environment where the additional tools of lighting,, background and pose enable the photographer to have complete control over the structure of the image. I am not concerned with the personality of the model and I rarely include faces as these are not intended to be portraits. However, models are people and the interaction between the model and the photographer has an inevitable effect on the images.
The nudes are made on Ilford film using a variety of formats from 5 x 4 in. to 35mm as I feel appropriate.
The nude prints are made using modern technology on Bockingford water-colour paper and an ink jet printer with archival inks. This produces a rich textured finish with a delicate image quality rather like a fine etching or pencil drawing."

Mike Sibthorp

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