Joris Van Daele
Photographed by Colleen Quigley

Artist's name: Joris Van Daele

Canadian Artist-Photograher.

"My photography is a message about the innate beauty of human beings and much of the world
that surrounds us. It is also an exercise in seeing; my photography provide a path to help viewers
perceive the extraordinary within the mundane, the beautiful within the things we often pass by
without noticing. There is a message about peace, kindness and healing in my work. Often I
chose to photograph non-professional models for my figurative studies. I find them more
interesting and they liberate me from recording the standard icons. I hope that viewers, seeing
themselves mirrored in my images, will come to appreciate and rejoice in their own innate
beauty and worth."

Joris Van Daele

This extraordinary artist can be found on the below address:

Joris Van Daele's homepage

Copyright 1999 by Joris Van Daele. All rights reserved.